It is now for the Police to haul up the two despicable PRC women to investigate them for hurling vulgarities and abuse on the Police Officer who was exemplary in the manner in which he carried out his duties under such provocative circumstances.

The two PRC women should be charged in court for obstructing a public officer in the course of his duties notwithstanding hurling vulgarities and abusive language. Those two PRC women must be taught a lesson by imposing a custodial sentence that Singapore and Singaporeans will not tolerate such despicable behaviour.

The HM & ICA should consider revoking the PR status of one of the women. The Condominium Management should also lodge a Police Report in the manner in which the Manager was abused, spat at and had water thrown at him.

The MCST must write to the owner (landlord) and hold him/her responsible for the despicable behaviour of his/her tenant, notwithstanding, terminate the tenancy as the estate’s by-laws and house rules pertaining to the issuance of access cards had ben infringed.

Those two PRC women should not be allowed to get away lightly.

A message has to be sent out as a deterrence.

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