Do you notice these days that there is a deep anger against the PAP? I thought long and hard about it and spoke to many of my friends and relatives.

We all came to this conclusion: The PAP needs to stop bringing in foreigners to Singapore. And they need to give more benefits to all Singaporean citizens, excluding PRs and new citizens.

The government is importing too many foreigners, causing many Singaporeans to lose their jobs. Many PMETs cannot compete with cheaper white collar workers from third world countries, so companies retrench Singaporeans and cause their families to starve.

Students in Singapore have no scholarships as the government is giving free scholarships and citizenships to foreign students.

Spaces in universities are being taken up by foreign PRC and whatever third world country students, also on free Singapore government scholarships who hopes they will stay and develop Singapore. But most of them will probably migrate to the US after they have gotten our local university degrees.

Our young children are crowded out of childcare centers because foreigners are kiasu too and enroll thousands of their foreigner children into good pre-schools in Singapore, leaving only the lousier and farthest preschools for Singaporean children. Parents end up spending more money and more time ferrying their children to further places just so that their children can have a place to study.

Last but not least, our people are the victims of crimes by foreigners. Even though our foreigner PM Lee loves to say that Singaporeans are the cause of most social problems and crime, but just look at the 2 PRC women who recently beat up a Singaporean man on video. Logical speaking, who is the one who will commit more crime, Singaporeans or foreigners?

Matthew Xu

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