Editor's Note: This open letter to Bertha Henson was sent by one of our readers, Derida Cheng. The views in this letter are his own.

Dear Bertha Henson,

I am a openly a Workers' Party supporter. I have lived in Hougang for the past 10 years and I am not afraid to declare my support for my party upfront.

But you on the other hand like to hide behind "neutrality" and pretend to be an independent journalist.

Truth is you are not independent at all. You are a typical PAP IB trying to smear the Workers' Party, which is the only party that is fighting for Singaporeans today.

Just take a look at the unwarranted attack you launched on the WP today.

"What do you think?

Can you live with the consequences of your vote? So if your town council runs out of money, you will just have to suffer lift breakdowns and dirty corridors until the next general election? That’s the Workers’ Party position. How it operates is something between the party and the voters – not for the G nor the courts to intervene in, it said.

It’s so interesting. The WP lawyer in court even backed it up with past ministerial exhortations about the consequences of the vote. Residents shouldn’t expect to be bailed out if they voted in people who can’t manage the estate.

Anyway, some background:

The G wants the court to let it appoint independent auditors to go over the WP town council’s books and reclaim funds that have been wrongly disbursed. It will only release $14 million in grants to the town council, if the independent auditor is in to see that the money is managed properly. For example, if the WP wants to spend $20,000 or more, the independent auditor has to sign off on it.

Things are getting critical because there’s only enough money to sustain the Aljunied, Punggol East and Hougang estates till June. And that’s because it hasn’t made two sinking fund payments for cyclical works, according to the G.

The WP looks to be trying to head off the installation of an independent auditor (if the court says okay) by having its own external accountants and a financial consultant. But the G has dissed its efforts as “lukewarm assurances’’ citing the lack of experience of at least one of them.

What a state of affairs!"

Read more at:

Does this even look like "neutral" at all? Everyone can be the judge for this.


Derida Cheng

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