“Town council dispute not political, says MND” is the new standard set of fabrications now foisted on us as gospel truth by the mainstream media. In like vein, a website has been shut down not because it has been accused of inciting anti-foreigner sentiments, but because “they chose to take their site offline”. If that’s not the height of ridicule, the subject of a Protection Order lodged by a certain pink blogger is joining in the chorus, “This wasn’t a politically motivated action. We see it as a signal by the MDA to get online media to practice responsible journalism.” This coming from the “satirical” group who published, “Dear XX, if you have high fever, will your plastic nose melt?”

The double standard gets more devious. On Thursday the court will deliberate on whether a child made offensive remarks against religion and circulated obscene images. Never mind if the world press knows better, that the real transgression was fleshing out the true horror story. As for the obscene image, singular, it was just vivid imagery of Margaret Thatcher’s own wet dream, the lady who unashamedly declared, “He was never wrong,” lying back and thinking of England Singapore. Compare that to a more wicked photoshop fail circulating online, a recognisable chap in a judge’s wig buggering an under aged child. That’s more than SG50 shades of undermining the judicial system, alleged pedophilia, and blemish of a cult figure in one go.

Before the advent of the internet, the former editor-in-chief of the The Straits Times (ST) Cheong Yip Seng had already faced the challenge of fabrications. In “OB Markers: My Straits Times Story” he defines “Out of Bounds” markers as the shifting line between which issues are ‘sensitive’ and which are not. “I will break your neck,” Cheong describes Lee as telling him when a rookie reporter tried to make a case for not imposing an embargo on a nasty speech the Prime Minister had made. Now that the news is in the iClouds, watch out for falling bones.

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