The brainwashing started in the school and I understand from teachers that the content of the text book on histories also changed to fit the political agenda. I also notice that Mediacorp also started to be a political agenda machine. On the Ch 8 news slots, they invite politicians or grassroots to talk about the good of government policies, for 1 hour! They even take up advertisements to promote their lousy policies, aired in the morning and evening.

I recently talked to some friends who were also brainwashed by my constantly sending them articles from TR Emeritus highlighting the gaps and the wayang done by the leadership, grassroots and activists. Well, this activity was done over several years and sort of they have become more aware. But recently, I also discovered the white party brainwashing since school days is deeply embedded, let me tell you some of my observations:

1. They are very quick to put down the opposition when things go the other way. For example, AIM caused the town council software not to be transferred to WP, part of the fixing done by the leadership causing WP to develop their own. These friends said this showed that WP was not ready. My argument is that if the white party plays dirty (fixing the opposition), they are reactive, how would WP be able to be 100% prepared for such? In a way, WP did well but ultimately, their sinking funds were transferred and town council funds reduced to a miserable figure.

2. Whenever the white party or their members do B*S, I don’t see much responses from my friends. They told me this is business as usual, we cannot expect the white party not to stir any ant nests or play games. When Amos Yee aired his video, my friends said they wanted to see him in jail, but then against the white members who said worse things, they don’t seem to remember. When the Pinoy nurse insulted and threatened SGs, they also did not bother. But why so hard on a local boy, and he is only 16 but they are so forgiving to adults and foreigners? And you know, foreigners are pretty united but when it comes to locals, you can see often how locals will kill locals at work place. If we cannot even forgive Amos but can condone that Pinoy nurse and many other foreigners who insulted us, then you know locals are actually stupid and not united.

3. They believed the mainstream media, they read a bit and they start to imagine the conclusions. Long ago, MSM published article about Dr Chee shouting in the market, asking GCT to explain the loan to Indonesia. And that’s all they remember and they are very confirmed Dr Chee is mad, nothing else. They refused to see the many articles SDP proposed and how Dr Chee has transformed. The mainstream media also painted WP and other oppositions are not ready by focusing on the fixing part where the traps are laid for WP to overcome. Instead of seeing the traps, they conclude WP is not ready. I told them, ready or not ready, look at WP and how they manage Aljunied and Hougang, given all the traps and fixings, they still did quite well, can you say they are not ready or actually you are not ready?

4. They believe even if oppositions take power, they will be the same as white party or do worst. I told them, now that white party is in power for 60 years, is your life better off than before or worst off?

I conclude the brainwashing in schools and media have somehow blinded these people. And also, I think the deeply embedded materialism have caused a lot of people to focus on “self” which means self centred, in lay men’s terms means as long as me and my family are ok, the rest I don’t care. A lot of people who are still in jobs, they don’t think too far and too much.

I have a group of cousins, die hard supporters of the white party. Whatever you say, they always have reasons to explain and debate with you. And most of them are PMETs and but since their mid 40s, they have been replaced by foreign PMETS and have been jobless for years. Now, they are very bitter with white party due to their situation. I told my brainwashed friends this situation. Do you know what are their answers? The government does not owe you a living. These people must be lazy. They can always overcome the situation by driving taxis or be property agents. I like to tell you that these are classic answers from brainwashed people but my cousins used the same reasons when they were having good jobs. But my conclusion is people when not affected, they love to talk b*s but when they are impacted, the reality sinks in. As I have said, the Chinese idiom is not wrong – “不见棺材,不掉泪”.

This is how the government brainwashing has succeeded to a very large extent. But if this goes on, anyway as you can see we have become the minority already and more PMETS are losing jobs to foreigners. The day will come, you will be affected, that includes your children too. Remember what I have told you here, my cousins are just like you and now they are renting out their rooms, living from hand to mouth, thanks to their very successfully brainwashing and deeply embedded materialism and self-centred mentalities.

Singaporeans Are Badly Brainwashed

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