Hi editor,

I came across this online post and I found it very funny. Perverted guys getting conned by PRC social escorts posing as Taiwanese students in Singapore. You can share it if you like!

“Just Want to Share with you guys that to be careful using Wechat as there is this China Group of People imposing as Taiwan Mei Mei using Taiwan Mei Mei Nice Pic to trick Singaporean that they are Taiwanese Mei Mei Studying in singapore & providing Social escort services.

the following is their so call Rate at first
2hr session S$ 100 SGD
Over Nite session S$ 200 SGD

The above mention never include of other hidden cost.

Once upon confirmation they will give you a call & ask you to meet them at a place near to & AXS machine for you to pay up via Alipay.

After that they will call you & give excuse saiding that before the Taiwan mei mei come n meet you you have to pay up another $800 for protection fee of the lady if in the event you bully her. They said that this $800 will be repay to you once again in cash the next day. Once the $800 is pay to them via Alipay they will call you again to give another excuse for you to pay them more money so on n so forth until you realize you being con.

To be honest to my fellow Singapore Bros i am one of the victim
that had been kana con by them.

That why i am here to inform all my fellow Singapore Bros not to fall into this trap set by this china people that come to our country & trick our Hard earn $$

I regretted for being Hao Se at that time & lose a potion of my to hard earn saving to them

Thank for Listening & do be careful using Social App”


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