A netizen has come forward with an eye witness account of another incident involving one of the PRC women seen spitting at and hitting a Singaporean man in this viral video.



Regarding the PRC assaulting a S'porean man, this is what I'd witnessed:

I believe I have seen this woman not longer than a week ago at Tampines MRT Station. It was during peak hour and the station gets a little packed.

A Singaporean lady accidentally brushed against the PRC woman wearing polka dot in the video (She was WITH HER CHILD), or could be the the other way round, and what comes next left me astonished.

The PRC woman said all the nastiest and crappiest expletives she can in a single breath. What's worse, in front of her child.

I don't exaggerate and don't usually interfere with trouble but I'm pretty left speechless by such behaviors in a modern society. Hopefully her child doesn't get influenced.

Anonymous reader


Another netizen has also come forward with more information regarding the 2 PRC women.



The 2 women moved into my flat in 2013. One of the twin sisters' daughter studies at Tampines Secondary School near my block. They used to rent a Bedok South 3 room flat, but for some reason they can only afford a small room now.

One of the women, who is a Singapore PR, is a taxi driver's 小三 (mistress). I have never seen the taxi driver but I was told that she forced the taxi driver to leave his wife for her.

The other woman whose son goes to school nearby is a Canadian PR. She often flies overseas so I don't see her much. Her son is always on the internet buying things. He is like a water tap.

Eventually I had to chase the whole family out because they were abusing my house furniture and appliances, especially my fridge and stove.


Do you think such foreign talents should be given Singapore PRs and allowed to stay in Singapore?

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