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The Government of Singapore public health expenditure spent less than their gross domestic product (GDP) 4%. Did the Singapore government truly lighten the people burden in public health disbursement subsidy? Do various government allowances and insurances let the common people avoid worry of soaring medical cost? The Singapore official media write, praised the medical policy of PAP government is the benevolent government, how much truth there is this argument? Is the Singapore medical service, actually the benevolent government or the tyranny? Perhaps, we can hear the different sound from this article.


Benevolent means there is to refer to the political measure of benevolence thought foundation, the tyranny refers to the brutal exploitation and oppresses the political measure of people; In other words, humanist, from the standpoint of people’s interest, the medical policy that establishes conforms to the definition of benevolent government, on the contrary, it not a benevolent, even worse, to reap profits from the money of the people in the medical illness, that virtue is a typical wicked tyranny.

Another point of view, free medical care, or just recycle non-fixed costs of health care policy, it can belong to a class of benevolent; leave the one of the areas, it is difficult to define as a people-centred policy thinking.


Singapore’s existing public health care services in the form of the so-called industrialized Private mode of operation, the excuse for consumers to have a more consumer choice, changes by the price mechanism of market economy, to set the medical fee system, and on the other hand, the Government developed a so-called subsidy Programs, subsidies to low-income people in public health care expenditure.

The price mechanism of the market economy, including the operator’s profit, so that people pay for medical expenses including profit component, therefore, in fact, health care has become a commodity economy can seek profit.

If the Government’s subsidy rebates only the profit element, then the medical charge included the people to bear the cost of medical infrastructure. The medical infrastructure is a national estimate of expenditure of the one part, and the Government used to receive annual tax base, and therefore, if medical charges in the recovery of infrastructure spending, the Government is not only from reimbursement for expenses in profit-making, but also a fundamental violation of the original in the collection of taxes.

Public to pay for the costs, and will be able to enjoy the benefits under the scheme of the rebate in between, it is not known that the medical expenses of the actual data, because the Bill was able to know that, and it is only that the government tax rebate of the actual figures. Collection of medical consumption of the facts shows the government is from the commodity economy perspective on health care prices, not only to changes in the cost recovery of medical services to variable costs, in other words, the fact that questioned the policy to the people.


The Government, as well as provision of medical services, the actual operating data, the outside world is not known, the health benefits of the actual efficiency but also is not known, however, from some sees daily, is not difficult to know that the present health care system the high charge that cannot be undertaken, is exacerbated by the burden of the people.

Because medical care is very expensive, and the hospital in order to reduce the patient owed medical expenses, is to be charged for margin. A credit card to swipe the card first then see doctor, no card, you must first pay for the cash, the reality is that no card is often some of the poor class, so there is not enough cash in hand, the minority groups cannot enter the hospital to see a doctor. In other words, stop poor people from hand to mouth, and was first to raise the money to be able to see a doctor.

Moreover, as the hospital outsourcing billing receivable function, so sometimes cannot conspire enough medical expenses of patients and their families had to endure the torment of receivables by the debt collection company is closely pursued the debt the suffering. This money is more important than the treatment of policy thinking, and in the reflected the lack of policy in the human side; there is no humanity in another words, is unethical.

These phenomena are the facts it is true that a little controversy and objective reality.


Although social reality is so cruel, but the official media either ignored the ignorance that is what did not grasp the key point is that social issues? That is why they praise the medical policy: “ in order to assist the disadvantaged, the poor, the patient will not because it cannot pay for medical expenses and medical treatment, the government has taken a number of assistance measures, such as senior citizens health care fund, that is the use of Medisave, health insurance double-full medical insurance, is still not enough to pay for the remaining full medical expenses. This is undoubtedly a benevolent, … “ Viewpoint that this type departs from the fact, making people extremely surprised.

If you know the medical issues of the context, it will certainly be strongly condemned, instead of singing the praises of People’s Action Party government health policy,, for the simple reason that the source of social problems is adverse consequences of inappropriate policies from the government; that is, later, the policy is only trying to correct erroneous policy earlier, but, even so, the set of ideas, policies, that it is merely a repetition of the same mistakes of policy, which could not be remedied..

Why are there ‘patients use Medisave, MediShield medical insurance, is still inadequate after full payment of medical expenses for the remaining’? That is what led people cannot pay the full medical expenses? Before answer this question, we might take a look at some of the known facts, because the answer lies within.

Singapore is indeed there are numerous of grand social assistance program, that is to say, the government administration, Singapore does not lack variety of response options, but these are often on paper, just as visually beautiful wallpaper utility, purpose it is to show the government concerned about the livelihood of the illusion. Successful implementation of the plan is effective rare, because the threshold is too high successes assistance, help people is difficult to meet the requirements of untied. Because the policy is detached from reality, thus giving rise to a distress nowhere, but only took social tragedy ruin.

Singapore’s health care savings, MediShield medical insurance, etc. dazzling program, however, be able to use these resources are very harsh, in fact, unable to mobilize sufficient Medisave, it will pay for difficult problems. Squaring the circle can only deceive the ignorant, rather than a substantive problem.

In addition to institutional factors strictly bound to use health care savings, the most fundamental problem, or medical expenses are too high, far beyond the financial capacity of the people can afford. In these circumstances, even if the government relaxed the various institutional constraints, people are still high because of health care costs, and cannot repay the full amount of medical expenses.

Of course, the relaxation of the existing constraints to help decrease the burden of medical expenses of people, however, it is necessary to completely resolve the issue of medical care, but also in terms of reducing charges for medical care level. In other words, medical fees unrealistic, is the key to the community the key to the problem. It is said that if the right policies, that there is no need to go to set the so-called Seniors Health Fund, the hypocritical policy, but merely increase was not necessary administrative work and costs.


February 22, 2013, Today’s Newspaper article written by a medical practitioner Policy Review, a question is raised about the reasons for the small amount of medical expenses in the medical reputation of Singapore, with state-of-the-art medical facilities, 72% of the people suffering from social anxiety, and the fear of high medical care system and unable to withstand illness risk.

This phenomenon is explained by carrying capacity is the issue, in other words, the Government of the small amount of medical expenses which is suffering from a social anxiety of reasons.

This social anxiety faced by the people of Singapore, by and five other countries under comparison in Australia, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, to see one of what had happened.

In the public expenditure in GDP ratio, Singapore is 13%, the highest rate in the UK is 46% in the developed countries the average rate is 30%.

In the health care expenditure as a percentage the GDP ratio, Singapore is 4%, the highest rate of the United States is 18% in the developed countries the average rate of 13%.

In the government health expenditure ratio of total health spending in Singapore is 36%, the highest in the United Kingdom is 84%, Sweden is 81%, and the United States is 53% in the developed countries the average rate was 65%.

The doctor pointed out that Singapore’s small amount of medical expenses of the reasons, that is, Singapore people suffering from social anxiety the reasons.


The fact is so because Lee Kuan Yew said: provide subsidies for consumption, is a disastrous mistake … with a wealthy country anyway, are not to be able to withstand the commitment to health care, unemployment, and old age pension without having to impose high taxes, such a high tax regime do not encourage people to work, savings, and take care of their own family, because the people can rely on the State alone.

In Lee Kuan Yew: people cannot rely on the State to live under the thinking, that the medical become a personal must bear the cost of living, and to that end, the Government of Singapore for various medical programs in view of the purposes and implementation, that is, to seek to ensure that individuals are able to pay medical expenses. This put the national health care of the responsibility onto the individual and the family, it is the reason that people suffering from social anxiety.


In the System of efficiency, as the article points out: The medical facility may be helpful, however, must first submit an application, and whether or not they are approved would be a matter for the individual, to decide, and there is no guarantee, and may not necessarily be in full, or are just some of the Help, or you will be rejected. At C patients can receive 80% of the allowance, however, 20% of the high medical fees or a very difficult to afford the amount, to the poor, $50,000 of the 20% is still a very high amount of money.

From this perspective, the present medical tyranny of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew from political thinking, so to solve this social problem, the most effective way is to leave Lee Kuan Yew on policy thinking, because the policy, it will not changed the negative effects created by Lee Kuan Yew political thinking, therefore, leave Lee Kuan Yew political thinking is imperative.


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