Editor's Note: This letter was sent by a reader. The views in this letter are his own.
Few days ago me and my sister went for view room together with this agent, Zens Tee, 郑如珺. The room was nice and cheap, but the location is deep inside the landed property housing area, it took around 20min walking distance from the mainroad/nearest bus stop. 
After the viewing, me and my sister did mentioned that the distance is too far and we need to consider 1st. Later on, three of us discuss about the rental and also the furniture, which we are not sure whether the owner are willing to reduce the rental and addon some furniture, and then here story begin.
The agent took out a form and ask both of us to fill up our offer and request to see whether the owner is willing to accept our offer and she told us ITS JUST A FORM FOR OUR REQUEST AND OFFER, AFTER CONFIRMED THEN ONLY WE WILL SIGN THE "TA" FOR OUR AGREEMENT!
Few hours later she whatsapp us about the owner has agreed with our offer and request, and remind us to the amout we need to pay once we sign the TA. Before we make our decision, me and my sister walk to the house again at night, the place was too quiet and dark, and we've just saw 1-2 people along the way. So, we've decided to give up on the room, and called the agent on the spot.
It was a long phone call, this cunning lady kept mentioned nag on my sister about the rental is cheap, the place is safe, blah blah… and my sister was kind enough to keep say sorry and thank you for her time. at the end, this agent SAID THAT ONCE BOTH THE TENANT AND OWNER HAVE SIGNED THE SO CALLED 'REQUEST' FORM, WE HAVE TO TAKE THE ROOM NO MATTER WHAT!! SHE EVEN THREATENED MY SISTER TO REPORT TO THE POLICE OR TAKE LEGAL ACTION ON US. Both of us told her thousand times that she NEVER MENTIONED ABOUT WE AGREED/PROMISED TO RENT THE ROOM ON THE "REQUEST" FORM.
The next day she whatsapp us and CHEAT ON US ABOUT THE OWNER WANT TO TAKE POLICE/LEGAL ACTION ON US. My sister was worried and immediately took half day leave to visit the owner. Here comes the truth, the owner is totally innocent about this matter and she's totally fine about it. I guess I no need to tell who's the only master behind the scene. 
UPDATE: Hey there, the story still keep going. This cunning ***** still keep on harrass and threatened my sister through whatsapp and sms. This harassing and cheating action will be reported to the police.
Photograph proofs attach:

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