Our family have a real life issue with NTUC INCOME health insurance. We will like fellow Singaporeans to be beware of this, especially female Singaporeans as NTUC INCOME do not cover pregnancy complications adequately.

Consumers like ourselves have overlooked this fact due to the misleading marketing they have.

In 2012, NTUC INCOME advertised on National TV they would not hide essential information behind small print or terms and conditions.

In end 2014, NTUC INCOME rejected our family health insurance claim with exclusion clauses found under small print & terms and conditions, leaving us with a hospital bill over S$ 20,000.

Is this fair to consumers they are allowed to misrepresent and deceive via advertisements?

We then found out their insurance was not as comprehensive as advertised on their brochure and we would have no issues claiming with their competitor, namely Great Eastern Life with an annual premium difference of S$10.

When we compare the sales brochures of both insurers, we can also see NTUC INCOME hides relevant information while Great Eastern Life spells out in details in their brochures.

This is again the irony where NTUC INCOME tries to imply their fellow insurers are hiding behind small print where they are the ones blatantly doing so.

We also have gathered evidence NTUC INCOME salespeople are probably confused over their company products and proceeded to give us wrong/misleading crucial information over email and SMS.

To summarize, we were taken in to buy an inadequate health policy from NTUC INCOME due to

1) Irresponsible TV advertisements
2) Sales brochures with hidden terms
3) Sales people who mispresent

Our purpose of setting up this page is to warn other consumers and not to suffer the same as us.

We will also hope to garner enough pressure to make NTUC INCOME apologise and acknowledge they have misleaded consumers with their advertising methods.

More details / evidence can be found in this webpage

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