Hi admin,

I came across this Facebook posting by a Filipino facebook page from Singapore.

They recently advertised this Pinoy products section in 5 NTUC supermarkets across Singapore. There were many Pinoys liking and celebrating this news.

I find it sick and saddening though. The population of Pinoys in Singapore is growing.

Previously, Pinoys were only allowed to come over as domestic workers or maids. Then the government allowed them to come over as technicians and nurses because there weren’t enough in Singapore. Then they allowed PMETs to travel here in bulk and become a permanent part of the Singapore population. I think they at least number close to a million now?

Why is it that our own government is selling away our space in our country to third world opportunity seekers who would just run at the first sign of trouble or migrate to a better country as soon as they get the chance? What about all the social ills they cause in Singapore?

Sad & Lost Singaporean

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