On the Singapore Human Resources Institute’s (SHRI) website, this lecturer was featured in their list of lecturers.  “Dr” Lim Siew Choon holds a phD from Vancouver University Worldwide, which is a degree mill as listed in the article here:http://news.asiaone.com/News/Education/Story/A1Story20091126-182426.html.

Screenshot from AsiaOne

Screenshot from AsiaOne


The part of the article which lists Vancouver University Worldwide as a degree mill is  shown in the screenshot attached to this email.

Even a simple search on wikipedia would have showed that Vancouver University Worldwide is an unaccredited university offering fake degrees to anyone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vancouver_University_Worldwide).

It is appalling that a professional HR organization such as SHRI is clueless on which degrees are real and which are fake. And they even featured the lecturer and his unusual degree on their website without first checking if his doctorate was real.  Here is the list of lecturers on SHRI’s website:http://www.shri.org.sg/lecturers-profile/. The screenshot attached to this email indicates the relevant parts.

Screenshot from SHRI

Screenshot from SHRI

Not only is “Dr” Lim Siew Choon working as a lecturer at SHRI despite having a useless doctorate, he was also awarded the “Lifelong Learners” award by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA):http://www.wda.gov.sg/content/dam/wda/pdf/PressRelease/07012006/LLA2006MediaStories_final_.pdf

Screenshot from SHRI

Screenshot from WDA

So getting a fake degree is considered Lifelong Learning? Then hard work and the meritocratic principle has been devalued.

What on earth has Minister Tan Chuan-Jin been doing during his term as Minister for Manpower?! Why are there so many cases of people with fake degrees being employed, even in government jobs. To lose a job to a person with a degree from a degree mill is unfair to those who have worked hard to earn their degrees from credible institutions. It is a disgrace for government agencies that are funded by taxpayers’ money to employ people with dubious qualifications from unaccredited universities.

It is a shame that the responsible government agencies have shirked from their duty to ensure that Singapore remains a meritocracy.  In any other country, a minister would voluntarily resign for a fiasco of this magnitude!


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