Let me share the telepathic monologue that’s running in my head now, directed at whoever is running Singapore.

What a futile attempt endeavor this shutdown is! You’re just showing your fear of information!

If TRS contains untrue and inflammatory statements, then expose the truth by posting replies and comments – that’s what your IBs are for (instead these dumb IBs just indulge in vicious attacks on netizens).

There is no need to shut TRS down.

Many S’poreans have derived useful information and insight from its pages. Many S’poreans have found it a great platform to begin to express their civic concerns.
If your mainstream media was trustworthy and objective, or more preferably, if you allowed more outlets for news and information, Singapore would never have to fear misinformation from any quarter.

What if TRS continues to operate through its other overseas personnel in spite of Yang and Takagi being in your grip? Wouldn’t that be embarrassing for you?

You spout empty slogans involving ‘exceptionalism’ and ‘smart nation’ but your actions are aimed as dumbing the people down. You intimidate cartoonists, film makers, bloggers and YouTubers, the very people needed to foment creativity and stimulate local ingenuity. PM Lee has actually said, ‘the Internet was not designed with human society in mind’. Thus, you perceive the Internet as a threat, rather than a new and promising socio-technological evolutionary development.

Many think you’re out of touch with the people. I agree. But you’re also out of touch with the Age of the Knowledge Economy, transformative and disruptive technologies, and the future generally. As a result, you don’t realize that by trying to limit and censor information and dumb down the populace, by creating a ‘Pyongyang with Broadband’, you’re undermining Singapore’s future!

You don’t listen – so that’s why I am reduced to telepathic communication!

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