One of the two editors being alternative media outlet The Real Singapore (TRS) is applying to leave Singapore to visit his gravely ill father in Australia.

His lawyer Mr Choo Zheng Xi applied for Yang to leave Singapore and the application was heard by District Judge Eddy Tham.

According to Choo, the doctor’s prognosis on his client’s father on Sunday afternoon was that he could die within 48 to 72 hours. The 55-year-old suffered a stroke on May Day and has been gravely ill ever since.

Despite the dire health of Yang’s father, the prosecution represented by DPP G. Kannan objected to the application, citing a high degree of flight risk but said it was sympathetic to his circumstances.

Kannan said that as Yang is a permanent resident in Australia, a director of an Australian company and his fiancee is an Australian citizen, Yang Kai Heng is an increased flight risk. Especially so after MDA took the unprecedented step to suspend TRS’s license to operate the site and command the shut down of TRS with immediate effect.

If they do not comply with MDA’s instructions, they potentially face a $200,000 fine and/or up to a 3 year jail term.

The DPP added that although Yang’s aunt and uncle are in Singapore, his father is in Australia and Yang’s mother are all in Singapore. All these points heavily to Yang’s roots in Australia and makes it a high risk to allow Yang to travel out of the country.

Kannan did add that if there were some demonstration of good faith of compliance on Yang’s part, the prosecution is prepared not to object to him leaving Singapore, subject to bail quantum and other bail conditions.

The Judge will give his decision later this afternoon (4 May 2015).

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