I really wonder how Stomp can still be around when TRS has to get shut down. Seriously why is the government so scared of the media we consume? Especially when that media isn’t being controlled by them.

TRS may fall but many other sites will take its place. The government should learn to work with the Internet instead of fearing it and fighting it.

Singapore has always had state controlled media. But with the Internet traditional media will have a run for its money.

Traditional media and new media should be working together, but in Singapore it seems that the government continues to mock and ridicule new media.

This will only hasten the death of state controlled media. You can already see the readership of the newspaper going down.

The real power of new media is that it’s accessible. Anyone can post things online, that being said there will be a lot of nonsense and false things being posted. Which is why we Singaporeans need to grow up quick. We have to learn to navigate this new and unfamiliar world.

The Internet keeps itself in check. It dose not need a censor. People will keep each other in check. The Internet is self regulating. People will comment, people will discuss and people will learn from each other online. THAT is the real power of the Internet.

The government needs to learn fast or risk being irrelevant. Singaporeans are learning and maturing. The government should too.

Ben Matchap

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