Some people are asking what we should do, now that the PAP has closed down The Real Singapore.

Some people ask, can The Real Singapore be hosted overseas so that they can still operate?

First, no. The editors behind The Real Singapore are trapped in Singapore. They were previously operating from overseas. But when they came back to Singapore, the PAP knew that they were back and were waiting to get them.

Then the PAP did, arrested them and charged them with Sedition. Even though The Real Singapore said that its website is not hosted in Singapore and so the PAP does not have jurisdiction over it, the PAP said no. PAP said that because the editors are now writing in Singapore, PAP thus has jurisdiction over it.
So this is how PAP contorts its logic to get what it wants.

So, no. The Real Singapore has to close down, because the PAP traps them here with a lawsuit and the PAP has prevented them from operating. So, no more The Real Singapore.

Some people ask, can someone overseas set up a website and host it overseas so that The Real Singapore can still continue?
So, I ask of Singaporeans – what will you do?

We want to wait for someone else to give us the news. We do not want to step up and fight. We want to wait for someone else to fight for us. We know Singapore is going down the drain, with the way the PAP is running the country, but we choose to be too scared to do anything.
Why? Why are we still waiting for someone else to do something for us? Why?

The PAP dares to shut The Real Singapore down because it knows it can. It knows that you won’t stand up and fight back. And now, are we still sitting down while the PAP laughs at us and laugh themselves to the bank?

Really? When will we stand up and fight?

And so, some of us will flock to TR Emeritus and The Online Citizen. But do you think the PAP will stop with The Real Singapore? Next, they will get TR Emeritus and The Online Citizen.

And then they will get the other bloggers, and me. By the way, I am still facing a defamation suit and two criminal charges. The hearing to decide how much I have to pay the prime minister is in July.

When are we going to wake up, Singaporeans? It is not going to stop at The Real Singapore!

After Lee Kuan Yew died, they charged the editors behind The Real Singapore. Then they arrested and charged Amos Yee. And now, they have closed down The Real Singapore.

They are going to keep coming at you, and what are we doing about it?

If you don’t fight back, we can all forget about it. If we don’t fight back, soon the other online websites will be closed down and you will not be able to read anything else. The PAP will make you read what it wants you to.

Many of have said that because of the PAP, Singapore is going downhill, Singapore is starting to fail, etc etc.

But why are still watching and not doing anything about it? Why?

I don’t understand. Is being scared so important that we choose not to do anything about it?

This afternoon, a young man told me that Singapore is safe, so we should be grateful to Lee Kuan Yew. OK, I will be grateful to him, but do you still want to be grateful to the current PAP?

Under the current PAP, income inequality is going up, crime is going up. How long more do we want to hold on to “safety”. Not very long, mind you.

Give a few more years and things will break even further. Already, the trains are breaking down on a regular basis. And new flats built have falling pieces. Do we want to wait for things to get worse before we do anything about it?

When things finally break down and it is too late, you can only blame yourself when it happens.

Really, what the hell are we waiting for? Hell?

It is time we start doing something. It is time we fight back. If we continue to sit and wait like sitting ducks, then we are the ones who will be shat on.
So, it is up to you. Do you want to stand up and fight? It is up to you.

This May Day, thousands of people in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines went onto the streets to protest – thousands of people from each country, mind you.

In Malaysia, they asked the Malaysian Prime Minister to step down. Actor Lim Kay Siu asked Lee Hsien Loong to step down last week, for the sake of our country.
But how many people protested in Singapore?

Singapore is now the most expensive country in the world, our people earn the lowest wages among the highest-income countries. We have the lowest purchasing power among the developed countries, and the highest income inequality and poverty rate. The 30% poverty is even the highest in Southeast Asia.
And what we are doing? We are still sitting down?

How long more do we want to tolerate the PAP’s bullying? How long more do we want to let the PAP push us around? How long more do we want to let the PAP oppress us?
Fine. We want to be grateful to Lee Kuan Yew, fine. He had a great team of people working for Singapore and who actually cared for Singaporeans.
Who do you have in PAP today? People who are selfish and who care only about themselves. And you want to be grateful to the PAP because of Lee Kuan Yew? Am I hearing something wrong here?

Are you going to stand up and fight?

It is time for us to stand up and fight back now. If we don’t fight back, we lose Singapore. We lose our lives. It is not just you that will have to live with what you never fought for. It is also your children and their children.

If we don’t decide to do something now, we can only blame ourselves when it is too late. And if we decide to continue to remain in fear, then let’s wait for everything to fall apart before we start realising we should have fought.

The PAP is no longer capable of running the country. The opposition have many credible policies. Also, it is not just the government. The academics have also proposed many solutions which the PAP have ignored and refused to implement. There are many in the civil service and civil society waiting to actually implement these solutions and work to help Singaporeans.

But the PAP won’t do it. We need a new government.

So, it’s really up to you now. Do you want to wait for this country to fall apart? Or do you want to fight back?

Will you join the protests? No, don’t give me the excuse that in Singapore, we don’t protest. Your fathers and their fathers in our country protested before Lee Kuan Yew started arresting them and imprisoning them without trial, and causing everyone in Singapore to live in fear.
But Lee Kuan Yew is dead. He is no more. So, if we continue to live in fear and continue to hang on to the past, then it is us who are the problem. Lee Kuan Yew is dead. He can do nothing more.

The party he left behind is in shambles. They are people living in their own fears and insecurities, and persecuting Singaporeans because they are scared.
If you choose to be scared like them, then our country will fall together, with you and the PAP being scared.

So, it’s up to you to decide and choose now.

It is time to fight back, if you want to protect your country and your lives.
It is time to stand up and it is ‪#‎TimetoFightBack‬.

What will you do now?

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