Maybe really need to hold another protest soon against internet control and dictatorship.

There have been a series of law suits and arrests against dissidents lately and it is both disturbing and unsettling.

This is a worrying trend and put us back to the fearful intimidating climate of the 1970s period whereby dissidents were hunted down savagely.

We know that the general election is going to be held soon but this is no way to sweeten the ground – its both unethical and ungentlemanly.

If you are a good government, you don’t need to fear dissidents as they have nothing solid against you. You are only afraid if you have something to hide or are doing a bad job all along.

Singaporeans need to stand up against such tyranny or else the regime will continue to rule with force in future and we may end up like a police state.

Say NO to internet censorship!

Gilbert Goh

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