“I do not want to be bailed,” Amos said to me in court.

I did not have to ask why. The bail conditions that they have placed on Amos were not only onerous, they were ridiculous.

Amos was not allowed to post or comment on anything, either directly or indirectly. They did not want him to speak at all.

When we met with several people over the course of the week, the people had to be told that they could not post anything about him online. He could not even take photos with them, because his bailer, Vincent, did not know if the photos would be posted online.

Not only did they want to make it difficult for Amos, they wanted to make it difficult for his bailer too.

But it was not like Amos had to do anything more to break his bail. The media was doing it for him all the time. They kept putting up his pictures. They were helping him break his bail.

It is a wonder why the state-controlled media was allowed to keep posting his photos and breaking his bail, and where the AGC did nothing about it.

Why did they place such unreasonable bail conditions on Amos, yet allow others, specifically state-sanctioned media, to break his bail for him?

They did not want him to speak but they wanted to be able to frame his story the way they like it, to paint him black.

This exposes the hypocrisy behind the bail terms and the law, doesn’t it?

They simply did not want Amos to speak.

Vincent asked Amos again, “Do you want to be bailed? I can do it, you know?”

Vincent had said, “I’ve no regret bailing him really.”

But Amos said, “No.”

I tried to be optimistic. I told him that the court might still decide to reduce his bail terms. I was being naive, of course.
But Amos was clearer.

He said that he would have to break the bail terms anyway. The bail conditions were simply intentionally made difficult.
They took Amos away into the chambers for a while.

We waited outside.

When Amos and his parents came out again, he told us that they did not reduce the bail terms at all.

I couldn’t believe it. They were supposed to review his bail terms that day but they did not review it! Not only that, they even increased the bail amount to $30,000.
But we didn’t have long.

We asked if Amos wanted to bailed. We could get him out.

I apologised that I could not bail him because of the criminal charges that I am currently facing from the government as well, for protesting. I didn’t know about this initially.
But it doesn’t matter.

Amos said that whoever was to bail him, the bail would have to be broken. It was simply too restrictive. They wanted to make it so.

Maybe there were ways the bail wouldn’t be broken, we tried to discuss.

But no matter what, Amos would not be able to speak. Meanwhile, the state-sanctioned media would still have a field day painting him in a negative light, the way the government wanted it.

He was being put at a disadvantage.
But we didn’t have much time to discuss.
Within a few minutes, they hauled Amos back in.
We could not speak to him again. The next time we saw him, he was taken away by some police officers into remand.
We couldn’t even ask him to take care of himself.
We sat there, a bit lost, but we composed ourselves. What else were we to do, or could we do?
They did not want to let Amos speak. They did not want to let him go.
They said that they would review his bail conditions but they did nothing of that sort but instead increased his bail amount.
But this is so unjust, it is so wrong.

What did Amos do that warrant such persecution? How could they treat a child like this? I understand that none of the state authorities wanted to conduct a psychological assessment for him.
You are leaving a child in remand, which is pretty much akin to being in prison, and there are no psychological officers to assess his health to ensure that his health is taken care of? Or is there a social welfare officer who would look out for him, while he is held in an adult prison?

I simply do not understand what the state is thinking. Have they become so insecure and insulated that they would persecute a child because they actually think that he would threaten their power?

You know, Amos cannot speak now. He cannot speak, now that he is in remand. But he wouldn’t be able to speak as well even if he was on the outside.
If you think that it is unjust how they are trying to stop Amos, then please speak up. Help Amos speak.

If Amos cannot speak, you can.

He spoke about the injustices in our system. He spoke about the income inequality in Singapore. He spoke about the unjust and “horrible” laws.
If Amos cannot speak, you can.

You can speak up on the injustices that Singaporeans are facing, how many of us languish into poverty and how many people have been unfairly persecuted.
If Amos cannot speak, you can.

You can speak up to protect ourselves. You can speak up for Amos.

Do not let Amos sit inside remand unjustly and allow the system to persecute him unfairly.

Speak up for Amos. ‪#‎FreeAmosYee‬

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