I came across a foreigner posting on a forum trying to apply for Singapore PR. He is 23 years old, studied here for 11 years and has not served a single day of NS. He also has 2 brothers who are studying Singapore. He currently earns 4K a month from a local bank in Singapore.

I find it really unfair that a foreigner like him can come in, reap the benefits of our local education system, not serve NS, take our local jobs and then go on to bring his entire family here to live comfortably, while we locals have to slog and earn miserable money, living from hand to mouth everyday trying to make a living on top of having NS to tie us down for 2 + 40 over years.

Who is getting the better deal here? Citizens or foreigners? You decide.

The foreigner’s letter here:

“Posted by triplethree:

Hi forumers,

I have been following this forum for a few years. Now the time has finally come for me to apply for the coveted PR!

– here are my details:

Chinese Indonesian, 23 yo, Male
Name structure similar to Chinese Singaporean (English name + Surname + Chinese name) – my friends concur that this may make a difference because some Chinese Indonesians have purely Indonesian names
11 years of studying in Singapore in government schools
Degree from NUS with honours
Salary 4k a month, local bank
Two brothers studying in Singapore, no other siblings
Mum on LTVP for 9 years
Fortunate to have inherited a tidy sum from my grandfolks – so I have my own property, and also paid stamp duty to IRAS

However I have just started working here without even a single payslip yet. So I am still split as to whether I should apply for PR immediately.

Looking at the e-appointment schedule though, the next available slot is in December – so I’m thinking of securing the appointment first. By then I would have about 4 payslips. Instead of 3 years of Income tax assessment, there’s a form that authorises ICA to contact IRAS – I’m hoping the stamp duty shows up!

Also there’s a topic rarely mentioned here: vehicle ownership. After all there’s road taxes and COE earned by the government? Would that help? (Would sound rather odd to put this in my application though).

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!”

Koh B.H.

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