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By down you may have seen the video where two obviously PRC women "fought" with a local Singaporean man. It is unclear what sparked the argument but the behavior of these two women were thuggish and absolutely reprehensible.

You can see that the man subject to the abuse had controlled himself and only when he was spat at that he raised his hand to slap the woman. Even though there is no right in hitting another person, given the provoking circumstances, the man has shown considerable restraint.

After the incident, various whistle blowers have emerged to "EXPOSE" the two PRC hooligans involved. According to him, one of them is a Singapore PR named Tracy Tham while the other is a Canadian PR. The Singapore PR is working in MBS while the other has a child studying in a local school.

These public information has been consolidated below: <Credit: Yee Mong Seng, Koh Soo Chai>


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2 PRC women were caught spitting, verbally abusing, and physically assaulting a Singaporean man, then act as if the Singaporean was the one who started the fight! Even a security guard who intervened could not handle these two violent women! #PRCs #Again #WhyLiddat

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Saturday, May 2, 2015

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