The Chinese media reported that police raided a terrace house unit along Crescent Rd, Katong, for vice activities and arrested two women on the spot.

The incident happened on Tuesday (28 Apr) at about 3pm.

The media reported that 5 policemen were seen inside a private residence, with a police van parked outside. Ten minutes later, two women were seen handcuffed and brought out from the unit onto the police van. One of them was seen sporting a short haircut, wearing a white blouse with white pants. The other, a long hair girl wearing a blouse with floral design and jeans. Both were seen shielding their faces with their hands as the media take pictures of them.

According to an insider, the owner of the terrace house shifted out a few years ago and rented out the unit to a lady tenant from China. Several months ago, 3 to 4 women believed to be Chinese nationals, moved into the unit. Thereafter, male strangers were seen entering and leaving the unit in the morning or midnight.

The insider further revealed that, the women were ever seen in the neighboring unit. However, it is not known whether the neighboring unit was also used for their activities.

It was observed that a queue system was employed, with the patrons waiting for their turns outside the unit. Usually, it would take about 30 minutes to an hour before the next in line would get their chance to enter the unit.

Mr Wong, a resident staying nearby, told the reporter that the women were seen entering and leaving the said unit, but they do not interact with the neighbors. Some residents said these PRC women were from Geylang.

In order to avoid detection, they conducted their business online or served only the regular patrons.

Previously, it had been reported that the PRC women were operating from a number of HDB estates. It seems that these vice syndicates have spread their tentacles to every corners of our little island, including both private and HDB residential estates.

In the past under the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, vice activities were confined to specific areas like Geylang, Desker Road etc. Prostitutes were under licensed and sent for regular medical checks.

Now under his son, PM Lee, things seem to be running wild. Is this another alarming sign that Singapore is a haven for crimes and vice? What is happening to Singapore now?

Why are things do different now under PM Lee? What do you think?

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