Foreign workers have a tough time here in Singapore. They’re separated from their family for months, and work hard under the hot sun just for our infrastructure.

Occasionally, they also play superhero. The recent story of a foreign worker who climbed up to the second floor of a HDB flat to save a stuck baby made the headlines, and hero Shammugun, along with his colleague, P Muthukumar, received SCDF Public Spiritedness Award for their actions.

We wanted to find out more about the lives of these foreign workers, and what they really think about Singapore. Our reporters went out to speak to some foreign workers, and this is what they had to say:

1. Sathishkumar, 36
IMG_2837 (Copy)

“Singapore’s okay. I like Chinese food. The Chinese people are okay. The weather is too hot!”

2. Karan, 42
IMG_2851 (Copy)

“I like Singapore. There’s Indians here that’s why. I like the food because there’s so much variety. I can eat whatever I want.”

3. Ramesh, 27

IMG_2853 (Copy)

“I have some family problems that’s why I come here.

The safety and all is really good. The people as well. My bosses are good to me, so I enjoy working here.

I won’t work in other countries, only Singapore. This is my first time in working and it’s in Singapore. And I’ll continue working because it’s good working here. It’s so safe.”

4. Saravanan, 27

IMG_2860 (Copy)


“I like the discipline. For the food, I like all kinds – Chinese, Malay and Indian, everything. Sometimes if the Indian food isn’t nice I’m okay with eating the other types of food.”

5. Samy, 31

IMG_2866 (Copy)

“I’ve travelled many countries already, but Singapore really comes first in safety. Everything’s safe. Working location, money issues and my dormitory is safe too.

I enjoy going to Sentosa and the Zoo with my colleagues too. I like Sentosa because the seawater is so nice, I feel like swimming when I look at it.

I love Chinese chicken rice!”

6. Iniaren, 35

IMG_2871 (Copy)

“I like my job. I wanna save money to bring home. I have one child at home. I miss my family. I call them 2 times a day to tell them ‘I miss you’.

It’s safe here. I like Jurong East. I like the coffee at Jurong East.”

7. Salatulla, 25

IMG_2885 (Copy)

“My favourite place is the whole of Singapore. But I like Marine Parade and East Coast Park. Sometimes when I’m bored and tired after a day’s work I go there alone. If I feel like life isn’t going good for me I’ll go just to walk for an hour then come back.”

8. Islam Asrafull, 26

IMG_2889 (Copy)

“I don’t find my job hard, because I like my job. If you like it, it’ll be easy. If you don’t like it, then it’ll be hard.

I miss my mother the most, because she supports me and loves me so much. I call her to talk to her every day. There’s Skype so I see her face! I just miss everybody.”

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