Popular bookstore has apologised for a post on Twitter, in which it poked fun at an attack on local blogger Amos Yee, who was allegedly struck outside the State Courts. The tweet that was posted yesterday had been heavily criticised by netizens.

Referring to the picture of Famous Amos cookies and the accompanying tweet “Sorry you got slapped. Here, have some cookies on us!”, the bookstore wrote:

“It was a mistake that we accept and sincerely apologize for. We promise that we won’t do it again. #saynotoviolence”.

One Facebook user posted a screenshot of the tweet, saying: “Such poor ethics coming from Popular Bookstore (or their lousy social media team, whoever they are). I know you’re trying to be smart, but it’s insensitive when Amos Yee is a minor, and public violence towards him is not a joke.”

Popular bookstore has since deleted the tweet and put up a new one with the words “Famous Amos for Amos Yee” – along with another bag of Famous Amos cookies.

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