Held at four recreation centres across the island, the May Day celebration was a way to show warmth and appreciation to migrant workers, and to recognise them as a dynamic and integral part of the Singapore workforce.

About 15,000 foreign workers got to take a break and have some fun on Friday evening at a May Day celebration organised by the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC).

The festivities took place at four recreation centres for workers, with the main celebration taking place at the Penjuru Recreation Centre. The Centre said it was a way of showing warmth and appreciation to migrant workers and to recognise them as a dynamic and integral part of Singapore’s workforce.

MWC chairman Yeo Guat Kwang said it is important for the centre to reach out to workers through such recreational events.

“We are able to convey to them messages we want to put across. For example, what to do if their accommodation or living conditions are not appropriate,” he said. “They should just come to us and we will tell them we have a 24-hour hotline and they can reach out to us at any point and any time.”

Mr Yeo added that MWC has been making good progress in its work, but noted that more can be done.

“The fact that we still receive over 4,000 cases a year means we need to do more. Although most employers are responsible, it is still important for us to work more closely with employers to see how we can handle issues upstream,” he said.

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