Editor’s note: The following letter was shared by a reader. The views in this letter are his own.

Hi everyone,

I was just thinking to myself… The slapping incident where Amos Yee was slapped outside the courthouse where he was to have his pre-trial conference, is it a deliberate show staged by someone or parties to get more media attention to Amos Yee?

There are a few possibility:

1) Amos Yee was the one who hired his friend to slap him in from of the cameras. If you are sharp, you will see in some pictures (got attached), Amos Yee is seen holding his face in “pain” but he is smiling! Also, did you notice how the man walks with his back towards the camera angle and straight towards Amos, as if he knows where the cameramen will be and do it purposely to show everyone on camera? Plus if I were Amos, I obvious would feel a bit scared if I see this angry man walking straight towards me. Somemore the guy raised his arm so high and slapped him straight on the face. If I had already seen this angry man walking so fast towards me, I would quickly siam and avoid his hand! So suspicious!

2) Amos Yee and his friends want to make the public more sympathise towards him, so they hired someone to act as a member of public and slapped him so that everyone will start to pity him. Then he can get the public to pressure the court to give him a lighter sentence. After all, he is now a public hero and famous person, so they cannot be seen as behaving too harshly on Amos Yee. If that is the case, I think Amos Yee and or his friends are really quite smart and strategic!

3) Some political party want to cause even more commotion about Amos Yee, so they hire this unknown guy to slap Amos Yee and then create a big media hooha. During this hooha, the political party members will all come out and earn points gao gao, and then get the public to support them and say they are doing the right thing by condemning Amos Yee’s attacker. I think this is the most scary scenario.

Which do you think is the correct scenario? I think all got possibility lor.

Goh W.K.

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