A “Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses Event” debuted in Singapore on 20th. According to the organizer, 80 beauties emerged from 1,200 applicants, and engaged in fierce competition in a Hotel. One self-proclaimed Multi-Millionaire even offered a whopping astronomical price in his search for a lovely wife, even making the bold suggestion that the matchmaker would get $10,000 in cash after he and the lady have their first date.

At this match-making event, this netizen noticed a mysterious Multi-Millionaire. He asked this singles club to find a suitable girlfriend for him, paying 1 million SGD to have the club find for him nationwide his other half. His terms are as follows: age: 20-26 years old; height: 162-170cm; weight: within 50kg; education: above junior college education; have a simple family condition, good-looking, good figure, body pure (no sexual experience). And yet his background information shows that he is: divorced, not yet 50 years old, Multi-Millionaire, well-known entrepreneur, enjoys golf, body’s healthy and strong.

With regards to the “body pure” requirement, most applicants say they can understand and accept it. Only one expressed that, “If an examinations is needed, that would be a little insulting.” But there was also another applicant who frankly said, it’s not difficult to conduct maidenhead/hymen reconstruction at medical institutions, so this sort of requirement isn’t very meaningful.

For the sake of this Multi-Millionaire, the organizer has set up a special “Talent Scout Award”, which claims: if you know a girl who meets the standards, please recommend her to “Entrepreneurs Single Club”, if the recommended girl and the mister have their first date, you will get $10,000 in cash or gifts of the same value, and if the girl successfully begins a relationship with the mister, you will get a commercial residential apartment from the mister.

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