Amos Yee was slapped in the face by a man in a red shirt today, just as he was making his way to the court for his scheduled pre-trial hearing.

Videos of a red shirt man have been circulating online. The videos show a red shirt man walking up to Amos Yee in full view of passers-by and their video cameras before giving one slap to Amos’ face. Thereafter, the red shirt man turned tail and ran away shouting, “Sue me, come and sue me!”

Amos had gone to the court with his father. His father arrived a few minutes ahead of Amos and had already gone into the court building when the slapping incident took place.

In response to the incident, Law Minister K Shanmugam has come out to strongly condemn the slapping incident.

See his statement below.

“Amos Yee was assaulted as he was going to court today. That is quite unacceptable.

Amos made some statements which are offensive to Christians. He is being charged for that and for an obscenity related issue. ( I understand that the charge in respect of his statements on Mr Lee Kuan Yew have been stood down.)

People may have strong feelings about Amos (or anyone else who is charged). But we have to leave it to the courts to deal with them. Taking the law into one’s own hands cannot be condoned.

Rule of Law means respecting the legal process. If everyone starts taking the law into his or her own hands, then we will no longer be a civilised society. I hope that the attacker will be caught quickly, and is dealt with appropriately.”

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