Dear editor

Amos Yee posted on his blog to tell the world that he had suffered under his abusive father and yet his other family members did not do anything to stop the beatings by his father.

By posting on his blog, Amos Yee has breached the conditions of his bail that states he shall not post anything on social media until the trial is over. The bail amount is $20,000. It is likely that his bailer will lose this $20,000.

Amos has posted 2 blog pieces, one that detailed how his father physically abused him and another about the restrictive bail conditions laid on him and implied that there is lack of justice & equality in the Singapore legal system.

Perhaps, for his own good, he should simply file a police report against his own father for assault and apply a personal protection order from the Family Court against his own father. By doing so, Amos Yee will get more international media attention to help his case and imply to the judges that his actions were results of his family conditions.

That might get him some sympathy from the judges.

I sincerely hope the trial will be over soon so Amos Yee can go overseas and tell the world how oppressive Singapore. If he managed to go overseas successfully, I hope he don’t come back because National Service awaits him. Who would want to waste 2 years of their lives in a restrictive wayang environment when there is a bigger world out there?

Hate NS.

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