Editor’s Note: A reader contributed this letter. The views in his letter are his own.

Actually this whole IDA fake degree saga shows how rampant instant degrees are. The worst thing is that the government actually endorses it.

This case really makes my blood boil.

What happened to the meritocracy in Singapore? Where is the integrity in our Public Service like our founding father LKY established?

There is also the widespread problem of foreigners rejecting Singaporean candidates and hiring their own kind for kickbacks. All this is really appalling! We are being betrayed from within our own country!

If this is the case, why should we serve NS? Why should we allow PAP to make us into third class citizen in our own country?

Those that have supported PAP in the past, is this the country you want your children to be in?

The years you spend studying hard in primary, sec, ite, poly, JC, uni, the years you sacrificed your childhood just so you can get good grades to enter a local university, the years of tuition, projects mid night oils.

Our government just give free scholarships to other students and give them 2k allowance and free lodging. then give free PR and citizenship when they graduate.

And now you even lose out to instant degrees.

There is no justice. Singapore is dead.

Very very disappointed with our government and civil service.

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