Please find reproduced below what I feel are the most “scary” answers in the MediShield Life 101 FAQs published on 22 April.


62. Can I be jailed for not paying my premiums?

No. However, if you have outstanding premiums, you may be warned that you are not to leave Singapore until they are paid.

If you still leave or try to do so, you may be jailed up to a year, fined up to $5,000, or both.

63. What happens if I deliberately refuse to pay my premiums for months – if, for example, my Medisave account is empty and I don’t top it up even though I have the money to?

It is possible that your bank or your employer may be directed to pay the outstanding premiums from your savings or your salary.

64. What kind of penalty will I get if I am late in paying my premiums?

You may have to pay up to 17 per cent of outstanding premiums and interest on late premiums.

67. What if I haven’t yet started working and have no Medisave? How am I going to pay my premiums?

You could get your family members to pay for you using their Medisave accounts. If they cannot help you, you can apply for help from the Government.

50. Can I pay for my premiums in cash, rather than using Medisave?

No, but you can top-up your Medisave account with cash.

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