Editor’s note: The following letter was submitted by a friend of the original poster.

Hi everyone,

Please help to share my post around before he kill someone on the road!

This SJC8093U it’s an old model mercedes and a fcuking old tortoise (in hokkien: LAO HUNG GU), jam e-brake twice for nothing and causing my friend baby got shocked and hurt.

This fcuking old tortoise said that he thought ah beng car want to chase him and he thought no baby in car so he jam the brakes… Lame! Damn fcuking lame! What a full time joker!

1) My friend is a lady driver. Her baby sitting beside the driver sit.

2) It is peak period along CDC towards Hougang Ave 3.

Chase SMLJ? Even other road user was cursing/swearing and shaking their head while driving pass this old tortoise.

OLD TORTOISE you want, you endanger your own life, Don’t endanger others peoples life.

Old tortoise you want to ya ya right? Lim bei ho li chu mya!!! Bloody Clown! Pui!

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