Dear Sir,

I work in a company called Progen Holdings Pte Ltd as aa Accounts Assistants.

After working for about 2 weeks, I tendered my resignation and was told to keep the letter. Thereafter on the 6 March 2015, I drop an email to them telling my problems that I was unable to cope and gave the company 24 hours notice. (thinking that I have not completed my probation, I can give 24 hours notice)

The HR director, Cindy Lee replied me in an email that this short notice was not acceptable. I then replied to her that I overlooked this issue and I am prepared to honour my contract by serving the 2 months contract. Please see attached the conversation I have with the HR director.

When I reported to work on the 7 March 2015 , I was ask to pack and go. Not only that, I received a registered letter from them demanding me to pay them $4600 which is 2 month of my salary. I was terminated and since in that case, by right the company should be the one to compensate me 2 months of salary in lieu plus my 5 days salary and not the other way round.

Instead I feel so unjust and would like to bring this matter up. I have seen my MP but they did not reply to my MP at all when my MP wrote to her requesting that she pay me 2 months plus my 5 days salary.


Best Regards

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