Let us not forget the term FIXING! LHL used it openly at the 2011 elections, and found, to his surprise(!!), that it made him utterly unpopular. Can the inheritor of a bogus democracy, that is actually a dynasty, even get close to understanding, let alone rectifying this travesty, and move forward with the full trust of the people he supposedly promised to serve?! I think not.

For the sake of the whole nation, he should step down. Carrying on daddy’s tradition, without even understanding that he has to move forward with a responsible vision, is utterly alarming. The ruthlessness has been institutionalized for his “benefit”! For the sake of power. Not for the people he is meant to serve. Does he have even a shred of conscience? Is daddy already back from the dead?!

To crush, to fill with fear. To subjugate. With a new marketing propagandist style that fools absolutely no one. Now is the time to step up, and he does not appear have it within him. PROVE THIS WRONG AND START CARING FOR YOUR PEOPLE!

Daddy ruthlessly reduced us to digits, and you are a different man!! Not even a glimpse of this so far! The rest are just cronies’ kids and very rich and clueless spoilt brats. Given scholarships, parachuted into power. Rubbish. Out of touch, utterly uncaring spoilt rubbish.

Their unjust privilege disqualifies them from even having a notion of the necessary humanity that needs to be forged. And all this so-called wealth being spread with more and more inequality! What kind of leader do you think you are?!

He’s dead now! Do something worthwhile!

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