Hi editor,

I applied for some jobs and one of the HR called me up. She asked if I am able to accept a salary of $1600 before CPF.

What the hell, my previous drawn salary was $2100 AFTER CPF deduction. It was like giving me a slap across my face. I even have relevant experience for this position and they are offering me so little?!

She says that if I will not accept $1600, she will call up the other candidate. I tried to bargain up the offer to $1800 but she wouldn’t even entertain.

I know from the interview that the other candidate is an FT who is willing to accept $1700. He does not even need to deduct CPF.

If I don’t have to deduct CPF I would gladly accept $1700 as a take home pay loh, please lah.

It’s a small company not even a big MNC, still want to discriminate against Singaporeans. Shows how farked up as a country we have become when foreigners are replacing us Singaporeans slowly one by one.

Ashton Lan

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