Hi editors,

I want to bring to your attention the truth of the matter about the video showing SCDF sergeants trashing their bunks.

After speaking to a few of my SCDF friends, they say that those SCDF guys you see in the video are innocent. They themselves don't know who the hell smashed up their room.

When those guys went back to their room, it was already in that messed up and trashed state. That is why if you watch the video, the video taker keep saying that the room is in a "ruckus, ruckus". 

Do you think if they trashed the room, they would take video and sabo themselves? Because those guys were upset that their room was trashed, they got fed up and uploaded the video online.

The real culprits are still out there and its not those boys you see in the video.

You people should find out the actual story first before condemning others.

Now these boys will regret it for all their lives and everyone will judge them from now on.


A.S.S. Reader


Captions please. #SCDF #LastDay

Posted by Talk Cock Singapore on Monday, April 27, 2015

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