I’m a Singaporean studying and soon, having secured a place with a Solicitor’s Firm, will be working in England. Sadly this isn’t my choice but those of my parents and I will say that I am not as happy as I would be back home in Singapore.

True, staying in England had its own sense of adventure and there is no doubt cheaper housing and cars than in Singapore, it simply does not outweigh the low crime rate and sense of safety Singapore provides.

Throughout my 3 years in the UK, I have faced racism from the University’s student body and everyday Englishmen. The term “****ing Chink” seem to be quite a favourite here.

The fabled “Freedom of Speech” the UK has works wonderfully against foreigners, because they have the Freedom to denounce us and spew hatred against our Muslim friends and our “chinky-chong religions” (ie. Buddhism and Taoism). I have had English friends, initially friendly, later ‘converted’ into believing that Asians are a blight on Britain because, hey, “Freedom of Speech” given to the likes of the BNP and UKIP supporters taught them so.

Back in Singapore, I didn’t feel as if I had a lack of freedom of speech. Quite frankly, I felt free to walk the streets safe at night. I felt free to meet my friends wherever and whenever and I felt free to know that a roving mob of English Defence League hooligans wouldn’t throw beer bottles at us.

It’s the complete opposite here. As a Singaporean, from what I have seen or heard, I do not have the Freedom of Speech as my opinions are never valued. I do not have the freedom to walk the streets at night safely knowing some herion junkie may make an attempt at my wallet, and I do not have the freedom to feel safe from walking the streets in the day time because the racist English Defence League have the “Freedom of Speech” to “protest” (ie. Angry mob wrecking shops and attacking anyone non-Aryan). The religious extremist Muslims here are no better, threatening to behead anyone and everyone who isn’t Muslim, because they have the Freedom to Hate.

There are so many other factors here other than racism, such as expensive groceries, a lack of nightlife, public transportation is unreliable at best and non-existant at worse (schedule states 3 hours from my town to London. I’ll be happy if I make it there in 6).

Never the less, not all English are as uneducated or ignorant. I have been defended by several Englishmen and women against a mob of shouting Hooligans and experienced great kindness and compassion from the English, though these cases are rare. The Scots in the North, from experience, are the least racist and most friendly and welcoming.

As a Singaporean, Singapore is where I feel the safest. Several of my decent English friends (and some Russians) have said they wanted to migrate to Singapor, having visited relatives living there before, and when told of national service, said they’d be more than happy as regulars there, so long as they aren’t in England anymore.

So there’s my two cents. Of course, perhaps there are some Singaporeans who have moved to England and, for some reason, felt that they’ve never been happier, but as for me, Singapore is home and I long for the few weeks I can return to where I was born, raised, and could sleep soundly at night.

In my opinion, my freedom of speech was never absent in Singapore, because I never felt the need to Hate and preach against other classes and groups of people.

I put forth that anyone who simply dismisses Singapore on grounds of our motherland not being a replica of their beloved “Western Master’s” ‘liberal democracies’, are better off staying away from Singapore.

We don’t need you, thanks.

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