To A.S.S.,

I am writing as a regular in the SCDF. Please keep my identity anonymous as I don’t want to stir up trouble for myself or others.

The video uploaded by the bunch of goons, who destroyed their room, is not a representative of the SCDF image at all.

I know of many SCDF regulars and NSFs who really put their life on the line everyday, serving without making any noise about their job.

But when this video come out, everybody f**king the SCDF and saying things like, “like this also can fight fire?” and blaming the Malay community for failing to teach these goondus.

I agree that these boys need to be punished. Internal investigation is already underway and most likely, if they are NSFs, they will be charged.

But all of you ungrateful people who keep criticize the SCDF, where are you when fire is burning and our boys are risking their lives to save Singaporeans?

And don’t judge the Malay community because of a few idiots. Just because a few Malay boys inside the video behave badly then you can generalize and say all Malays are bad? So next time a Malay firefighter or paramedic save you from danger, what will you say?

Don’t be a hypocrite and if you have nothing better to say, just shut the f**k up.

SCDF regular

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