22 year-old full-time national serviceman (NSF) Lee Hong Qiang admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old girl he met on Facebook.

He was sentenced to 11 months jail on Tuesday. Lee faced 3 charges, but only admitted to one charge of sexual penetration of a minor. The incident took place at his flat in Henderson Road in June last year.

Lee first came to know the girl as a “suggested friend” on Facebook. He decided to add her and message her, before asking for her number.

Their conversations became sexual in nature, with Lee coaxing the girl into experimenting with her body with him.

He used sexual images and conversations to convince the girl to come to his home in June last year. When she arrived at his home, he brought her into his room and had sexual intercourse with her without a condom.

Lee has previous offences and had been sentenced to reformative training for unlicensed moneylending harassment in November 2011. He was electronically tagged at the time of the latest offence.

District Judge Luke Tan said that Lee had sex with the girl twice, and did not show signs of impulsive loss of control.

The maximum penalty for sex with a minor is up to 10 years and/or a fine.

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