A 28 year-old Indonesian maid Annisa put eucalyptus oil in stored breast milk packs meant for her employer’s baby because she wanted to be scolded and sent back home to Indonesia.

According to the Health Sciences Authority, children should not consume eucalyptus oil as it contains terpineol, a fatal ingredient that could cause death for children.

Annisa was alone at her employer’s Ang Mo Kio flat on 23rd August last year when she came across the bottle of oil and decided to mix it with the breast milk packs stored by her 34 year-old employer. She would usually put the breast milk packs in the fridge and feed them to her infant son 2 or 3 times a day.

Annisa planned to do this because her mother had died and she wanted to return to Indonesia to care for her father.

When her employer came home, she discovered that the breast milk smelled foul. Later in the evening, they searched Annisa’s belongings and found a bottle of PurerAire Eucalyptus oil placed on top of a cabinet.

She was jailed 3 years today after she pleaded guilty to attempting to cause hurt to the 2 month year old boy.

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