On 18th April, a 70 year-old woman Madam Heng and her daughter, Ms Eileen Lee, were on their way to buy groceries when the elderly lady was knocked down by a motorized bicycle. Both women were walking on a pedestrian pathway next to Block 120, Paya Lebar Way.

“My mum was walking on a pedestrian walkway when she was hit. The rider did not really extend any help. He just asked my mum if she was okay and left when he said she was,” Ms Lee said. “But my mum was sitting on a floor and couldn’t get up. Her forehead was already bleeding.”

An elderly man helped Madam Heng up and she limped all the way to the nearest market. She was later sent to the hospital by Ms Lee’s brother.

Doctors said that Madam Heng suffered fractures on her face, her facial bone and eye socket had cracked. There were bruises and abrasions on her forehead and limbs. Her left thumb’s ligament was also torn.

“The doctors said that the bone is no longer intact and won’t be able to support her facial muscles,” Ms Lee said.

If surgery is not done within 2 weeks, Madam’s Heng’s facial muscles will drop and eventually affect her jaw and chewing.

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