Hello Editors,

After the heroics of the daring toddler rescue in Jurong East, reporters interviewed the parents of the toddler and they expressed frustration at the flak they received for leaving their 3 year old child at home unattended.

The wife said: “If they were in my situation, I think they’d do the same – where neighbours are not around, and you have no one to turn to. They do not know my family situation, so they can assume anything.”

She also said that while thankful for the help rendered to her daughter, they were not well to do and was unable to offer the rescuers any gift or compensation due to their tight finances. She added that they had not installed safety grilles mainly due to the high cost of doing so. Previously, they were quoted $1,500 for the installation of safety grilles.

Strangely, despite their financial difficulties, they have the spare cash to buy an iPad for their children. As you may be aware, an iPad is expensive and a luxury not many can afford.

If you look at their interview with the media, you can notice five cats in the living area. If your family is not well off and you have no money to pay for your safety grille, why do you have money to feed and take care of five cats?

It is not our place to judge but seeing how they complain they have no money for safety grille but yet have money for other luxuries really make others wonder where their priorities lie. Hopefully this incident will help readjust their priorities in life and spend their hard earn money on the things that truly matter to them, their children.

Mohd Firdaus
A.S.S. Reader

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