THE Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) said in a statement today that it has concluded its investigations into employee, Nisha Padmanabhan, who obtained an unaccredited master’s degree from Southern Pacific University. She was accused of misleading her employers when applying for a job with the fake certification.

The IDA says that it is satisfied that applications consultant Nisha Padmanabhan did not deceive the agency by listing the MBA from Web-based Southern Pacific University, an alleged diploma mill, in her resume.

The IDA added that Ms Padmanabhan’s employment was not based on her MBA, as her position required only a bachelor’s degree, and that it also considered her relevant skills and prior work experience.

Ms Padmanabhan, who has a bachelor’s in electronics and telecommunication from the University of Mumbai in India, joined the IDA last year.

“She had genuinely believed her MBA programme to be bona fide, and she had put in effort to obtain the qualification,” the IDA said.

Earlier this month, netizens criticised the agency for hiring Ms Padmanabhan despite the “phoney” qualification from Southern Pacific University, which was closed in the United States by a court order.

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