On average, taxi drivers must now drive at least 250KM per day, according to new rules established by the Land Transport Authority.

However, since the implementation of this new ruling, many taxi drivers have found it difficult to meet this requirement.

According to one taxi driver netizen: “The new rules are unreasonable. It’s difficult to hit 250KM per day. Sometimes we drive more because we travel longer distances or pick up more passengers. When there are no passengers, what’s the point of forcing us to drive around aimlessly?”

Some customers were also not supportive of the change in policy.

“Although the rule is meant to ensure that there are more taxis on the roads, there’s not been any noticeable changes in the number of taxis during peak hours,” said Ms Gan, an office worker.

“I think this scheme only causes drivers to become more tired and less alert on the roads as they now have to work harder and have lesser time to rest,” said another netizen. “This poses a road hazard to all other road users and passengers.”

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