Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I saw this on a dating website and was so disappointed that I cannot qualify to be this girl's boyfriend. Her requirements are so many that I think it's ultra hard to fulfill. This is why I hate to be a Singaporean man, with such high expectations, how do I find a girlfriend or a wife? 

I always try to find local girls because culturally we are similar, but such girls I meet online make me feel inferior about myself. And when I talk about getting an overseas bride, I get judged by girls who say I am useless and only look for people less educated and more poor than me.

Trust me, I am not. I try my best to find a local girl already but in this money minded Singapore it is getting from bad to worse. Sigh why are Singapore girls like this… so materialistic… its like they are looking not for a boyfriend but an obedient dog to submit to their every whim.

A.S.S. Reader

Kendrick Khoo

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