Guys…I don’t understand the basis for this petition. It appears that there are false allegations made against Nisha Padmanabhan on her being dishonest and calling her names. However, look at the below statement made by IDA based on which she was open in declaring her MBA from Southern Pacific University. In my opinion, an agency like IDA has some strict protocols for conducting an investigation. IDA would not have retained her if they got a slightest indication that she is being dishonest. No need for them to come up with this statement supporting her in public. Hence, I am not sure where the question of dishonesty stems from.

“Thank you for your patience. We have investigated and would like to share that Nisha Padmanabhan, a Singapore citizen who joined IDA in 2014, has a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university and was recruited because of this Bachelor degree, extensive past work experience and good track record.

Nisha pursued an MBA out of personal interest, and it was not a relevant certificate for her position in IDA though she was open about the fact that she had obtained it.Her MBA from Southern Pacific University was not a factor that contributed to her employment at IDA. In fact, 93.5% of all IDA staff that were hired at the level of Applications Consultant were based on their Bachelor’s degree.

We would like to share that Nisha has been a committed team member and contributed in her role as an Applications Consultant for the past year. We would also like to take this chance to share that IDA selects employees based on a holistic set of criteria which includes their educational qualifications, work experience, individual career aspirations and personality traits.”

Southern Pacific University might be an unaccredited institution, but the degree that she possesses is not a fake one as everyone is alleging. I have validated with some of my ex-colleagues who had their friends who did their courses from SPU. I understand that there were proper credit hours awarded through lecture sessions and dissertations that students had to complete before getting this degree. There are 200+ people on Linkedin who have either a bachelors or a Masters degree from Southern Pacific…Not sure how many more that have not registered themselves on linkedin. Are all these people being dishonest? Are they cheaters? Go do the research yourself…and get the truth. So falsely accusing that the degree is ‘fake’ is utter nonsense. Is this the picture we want to paint as a society? Shame on you guys calling another Singaporean names without even knowing the facts. Judge people with facts and not by emotions!

We are in a competitive world and in order to continue with the Singapore growth story, we ought to move forward in an all-inclusive, just and fair society, just like our pioneer generations have done.

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