The family of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew placed full-page advertisements in major Singaporean daily newspapers today thanking the public for the “affection and respect” shown in the wake of his passing.

The advertisements were placed on Thursday, 23rd April, exactly one month following the founding Prime Minister’s passing on 23rd March, following a protracted stay in hospital due to pneumonia.

“Thank you for being with us, as we mourned the passing of our papa and yeye,” the family said in the advertisement. “You touched us deeply with your affection and kindness for him, and with your heartwarming kindness as you shared our grief.”

During the seven days of national mourning that cumulated in a State Funeral Procession on 30th March, a total of 454,687 visitors paid respects to Mr Lee as he lay in state at Parliament House, while 1.2 million visited the 18 community tribute sites across the island.

In their ad on 23rd April, the family also thanked those who worked with and cared for Mr Lee.

“We are immensely grateful to his medical and security teams, as well as his office and home staff; you served and cared for him, with dedication and love for so many years,” read the text.

“We thank you all.”

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