Dear editor,

I am a former grassroot activist in Hougang area. I left the grassroots because I have lost faith with the ruling party because they did not fulfill young Singaporeans’ aspirations but only keen to live in past glories of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I am just sharing the things I know in Hougang SMC PAP branch. Most Singaporeans are not aware that PAP has branches in every estate in Singapore, even in opposition held wards. Some of their key duties involved working with grassroot bodies such as Community Centers, RCs and CCCs to gather ground feedback and do political outreach to the residents in their area.

But in Hougang PAP branch, there is one self-righteous know-it-all PAP member Lionel De Souza, who is trying very hard to gain self-glory and drag down the tattered name of PAP.

Recently, Lionel De Souza filed a police report against Amos Yee for breach of bail conditions. The bail condition forbade Amos Yee to make any further comments on social media but as we all know, Amos re-uploaded the disrespectful LKY video and made a blog post begging for donations.

After Lionel made the police report, he notified the media and told them that he filed a police report as his capacity as “Assistant Secretary of People’s Action Party Hougang Branch”. He is effectively telling Singaporeans that PAP has made a police report against Amos Yee.

Time and time again, Lionel De Souza brandished his PAP card to the public and to the media. His actions caused much discomfort among members in Hougang branch. He was told many times privately by other PAP cadres to tone down but the advice fell on deaf ears. Lionel often bragged about his “achievements” in the police force but it is well-known that he was asked to leave the police force for his behaviour against the suspects.

Some of the younger PAP members kept quiet about Lionel simply because he is an old man but his antics are beginning to piss off those around him. Some younger members have politely told him to take “a step back” but Lionel rudely rebuffed them and behaved as if the PAP is Singapore and vice-versa. During branch meetings, Lionel always rake up past glories but he is oblivious to ground realities. He is a typical ball-licker who always paints a rosy picture but reality reflected otherwise.

I sometimes wonder what are his real intentions. Maybe he is a paid mole out to disrupt PAP in Hougang?

A.S.S. Reader

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