Dear Editor,

This Filipino Managing director Gerosel Siquian who is works in our local tourism industry has a fake degree. Previously she was working in the Philippine Department of Tourism. I checked her Linkedin (LinkedIn: account and it state that she has a degree in marketing from Belford University. Belford University is a known degree mill from the USA.. You can verify this information from the links below.


According to Wikipedia:

Belford University was an organization that offered online unaccredited degrees for "life experience". The organization maintained a post office box in Humble, Texas, but its certificates were mailed from the United Arab Emirates.[1] On August 31, 2012, Belford University was shut down and its founder, Salem Kureshi, had been “ordered to pay $22.7 million in damages”.[2] “The judgment established the truth of allegations that Belford High School and Belford University are fake schools that do not actually exist.”[3] Court documents from "McClusley v. Belford University" revealed that Belford University was run by 30-year old Salem Kureshi from his apartment in Karachi, Pakistan.

This Filipino obviously knew that her degree from Philippines would not be enough so he went ahead and got a more 'credible' degree from Belford University online (Ang Moh name, so sounds more credible). And thereafter she could somehow get a job in Singapore as a Managing Director!

What do you think? Is it a lack of integrity by the pinoy? Or is it a lack of scrutiny by the HR?

Should such fraudsters with a total lack of integrity be given the opportunity to work in Singapore?


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