Hi A.S.S.,

I read all the posts exposing foreigners working in Singapore with fake degrees. I feel extremely angry and indignant about this.

Even though I have a real first class honors degree from a prestigious Australian university in 2013, none of the civil service jobs that I applied for at [email protected] responded to my application. I didn’t even get an interview!

The only civil service job that responded was my old unit in the SAF, which offered me to go back to my old job as an Infantry Spec. I didn’t study so hard just to go back to my NS unit! Even if they offered me an officer’s position, who wants to be a small fry officer in the army? Everyone knows that the lower ranked officers always get tekan-ed by the higher ranked scholar officers.

Now I read about this Indian foreigner scamming her way into IDA. She now has a comfortable job paying her so well. When her fake degree was exposed, IDA even stand up for her and defend her.

What about us Singaporeans who have real degrees? Why does the civil service accept fake foreigner degrees but denies job opportunities to true, hardworking Singaporeans!?

Anonymous Reader

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