34 year-old Yeo Cheng San was desperate for a job after his hair salon folded in 2004. Without anywhere to go, he decided to buy fake degrees in human resource management from the Florida International University over the Internet.

He bought a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and a Post Graduate Diploma, which cost him over $8,000. He later used these fake degrees to secure jobs with 3 companies, where he used to earnbetween $9,000 and $12,800 a month.

Yeo, who actually only has an O levels qualification, was appointed human resource director at the Eminent Group. He then joined as a human resource manager at Innovalues before finally applying for a human resource and administrative manager position at Gain City Best-Electric. He forged a testimonial from Eminent Group’s CEO when he applied for a job with the last company, Gain City.

For his crime, Yeo was jailed for a year.

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